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It takes a lot of people to rescue animals. There are many facets just like there would be with a business but in this case lives are on the line. These lives couldn't be saved without our volunteers. From fundraisers and help at adoptions to web support, trapping and transportation we need your help and you can volunteer as little or as much as you want.


From the founder to the fosters,
everyone works on a non-paid basis.


Adoption Events

Each weekend we need helpers to set up, feed the pets, clean cages. and provide general help.

Must be 16 or older.

Adoption Center

We need a volunteer on the same day once a week to feed the cats and clean cages inside the Petco Store. Must be 25 or Older.


Includes bake sales, posting flyers and special events at the Petco store like pet photos and portraits, face painting and bake sales.


During adoption events we need someone with an eye for photography to get great pics of our adoptables and post them.

What we need...


We also need help with:

​Transportation of pets to and from the vet and adoption events

Grooming (the animals not ourselves!)

Assisting people with spay & neuter resources

Community Outreach

Collecting Donations

Let's get you started!...

Thanks for submitting!

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